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Guadalupe Plaza Petersen, was born in Salta Argentina in 1979. 


He is a Visual Artist, his artistic media are photography, video art and installation.


He currently lives and works as a freelance artist in Barcelona, Spain.


She has exhibited globally at Expos in Latin America, Europe, and Asia.


She has a Specialty in Visual Arts at ISI SOLO Hava Indonesia University, Indonesian Embassy Scholarship, 2011-2012.

She lived and attended Contemporary Art workshops in Italy.






I study Photography, Theatre, Social Communications, Graphic Design.


She attended Seminars on Audiovisual Semiotics, Photographic Aesthetics Workshops.


Video Art and Electronic Art Clinics at CCEBA, Photography, Art and New Media Seminar.


Individual Clinics with Gabriel Valansi and Fernando Farina.


She participated in the Documentary Photography Biennial in Tucumán.


Writing Workshop in Curatorial Practice, CIC, Cinematographic Research Center, year 2021


Workshop, The main memory. Imagination Techniques, Malba Argentina 2022


Conference: El Di Tella: scenes of art on the brink of a life attack, Malba, Argentina 2022

Conversation: Four experiences for a biennialPresentation of the 11th Berlin Biennial, Malba Argentina, 2020


Research conference on photography, Malba, Argentina 2020


Course: Bauhaus: avant-garde, society and photography, Malba, Argentina 2020


Course: Archeology of global artUniversal exhibitions, biennials and fairs, Malba 2020


Course: Cindy Sherman: Untitled, Malba Argentina 2020


Announced Song: 34th Sao Paulo Biennial, MALBA Argentina


Online round table: Women photographers in Latin America, Malba, Argentina.


Conservatory: Contemporary Art in Malba, Argentina


Latin American course south of the south: The conceptual turn: the idea as the protagonist Malba


A class to learn about the impact of Marta Minujín, Mirtha Dermisache and Margarita Paksa on contemporary art, Fundación Proa, Argentina 2019


A class that brings us closer to the world of the artists Mona Hatoum and Shirin Neshat, Fundación Proa Argentina.2019


A program of virtual classes to meet the artists of the Crear mundos exhibition, Proa Argentina, 2019


Conference "Connected: from the virtual to the real" Fundación Telefónica 2019


Artificial intelligence and education 2019



Awards and Scholarships



Darmasiswa Scholarship in Indonesia, ISI SOLO University Was awarded at the National Level by the OSDE Foundation.


Granted by the National Endowment for the Arts: Work Analysis and Monitoring Workshop, 2012.


Scholarship for the Residence and crosses of artists in Córdoba in the City of Arts.


Professional Jobs


Photography Assistant, for audiovisuals and Production Assistant for the Photodocumentary Project, Cultural Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Brazil. 2008


Executive Production Assistant for the Ballet “El Cascanueces”, Teatro Colon. 2008


Protocol and Ceremonial at the Ministry of Education and Culture, 2000 - 2008


Cultural Heritage, Salta. 2008-2009


Library and Archives Supervisor at the MAC, Museum of Contemporary Art of Salta. 2009- 2017


Cultural Management in the Secretary of Culture, Ministry of Culture of Salta. 2017-2020


Graphic Design at the Chamber Music Department of the Ministry of Culture, Salta. 2017-2020






Individual Expositions



2019 de(s)amor, Museum of Contemporary Art of Salta.


2011 de(s)arraigo in Espacio Arte, Aeropuertos 2000, Curated by Mariana Rodríguez Iglesias.


2009 de(s)arraigo in Casa de la Cultura, Cosenza Italy, curated by Lucas Michael.


2008 Registros de mi acción,photographic installation (backlight), at Pro Cultura Salta.


2007  Registros de mi acción, photographic installation (backlight) MAC, Museum of Contemporary Art.


2004 Registros de mi acción, MAC, Museum of Contemporary Art of Salta.




Collective Exhibitions



2022 The Syzgy Project, Landscape, Curator Jillian Ballas


2021 Correspondence, Curator: Thomas Brown. The Photographer's Gallery (London)


2019 Space 3, Design, Salta


2019 INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION of VISUAL ARTS 2019, Tuscany Association, House Museum of the City - San Miguel de Tucumán


2014 SPACE 3, Design Art Space, Salta2009 de(s)rraigo, Museum of the Present, Cosenza Italy, Curator: Lucas Michael.


2006 Regional Collective Show for the OSDE Foundation Visual Arts Contest at the Museum of Fine Arts, Timoteo Navarro, Tucumán.

2006 National Endowment for the Arts, Collective Exhibition of Artists from Salta “Belonging".


2006 Imago Buenos Aires Art Space, OSDE Contest Collective Exhibition.


2006 Museum of Contemporary Art of Salta, Collective Exhibition of Artists, OSDE Foundation.


2006 Provincial Museum of Fine Arts, RED Video Art for the Exhibition "Fine Arts in Fine Arts", together with the filmmaker José María Martinelli.


2006 Museum of Contemporary Art of Salta, Intervened object "Women with Memory". Alegría Foundation, Intervened object “Cardones with soul”.







2022 Al_Tiba 9 ISSUE 12


2022 In the light, Aesthetics of Photography,


2022 The Mocla,


2021LÓeildelaphotographie; guadalupe-plaza-petersen-dv/


2021 Tea Pupil Sphere;


Hong Kong Time Out, Immersion Travel Mag, and Sevenseas






Her work is part of the MAC Collection, (Museum of Contemporary Art, Salta)





Saatchi Art,


Valegallery, Godoy Cruz 1768, 1414 Buenos Aires, Argentina

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